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Wheelchair Basketball Canada is committed to helping journalists find interesting stories and angles to report on, and is fully dedicated to helping facilitate all interview requests and media inquiries that do not interfere with athlete training and competition schedules or transportation limitations.

Media Contacts

If you want to report on a Wheelchair Basketball Canada athlete, coach, official, or the sport in general it’s easy. For more information, to request a photo, or to schedule an interview, please contact a member of our?communications and media relations?department.

Courtney Pollock
Communications and Marketing?Manager
613-260-1296 ext. 203

Media Releases

We invite members of the media to sign up for our media release distribution list to receive the latest news from Wheelchair Basketball Canada. Please contact mediarelations@wheelchairbasketball.ca to register.


Media accreditation is required for certain Wheelchair Basketball Canada?events. Members of the media can request an accreditation by contacting our communications and media relations department at mediarelations@wheelchairbasketball.ca.

Media Notes

Game day media notes for certain wheelchair basketball events are available for download.

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